3.5-inch Professional Surveillance Hard Drives for DVR & NVR Security Camera Systems

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24/7 Non-Stop Recording for NVR/DVR Systems

Insert the hard disk drive to the NVR or NVR to record & save videos continuously. You'll never miss any important details during your absence.

Compatible with All-Brand DVR/NVR Systems

The professional surveillance HDD, with surveillance-optimized hardware, can be integrated into DVR/NVR systems from all brands, instead of the ANNKE only.

Premium Materials for Long Lifespan

SANNCE HDDs are made from industry-leading materials without grinding marks. The thinner & lighter design provides more flexibility for easy carry. The pins of the HDD are brand-new even after the long-time operation.

Wide Application for Every Storage Need

The professional HDD works seamlessly with NVR and DVR security camera systems, and can be used for expanding the storage space of your computers, or acted as the data storage disk for enterprises.

Tailor-Made Storage Disk with Enhanced Performance

The HDD is designed for running 24/7, without worrying about the dropped frames. With the unique & professional crafts, the hard disk drive won't overheat with non-stop operation.

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